Custom Antibody Labeling

Columbia Biosciences has over 20 years of antibody and protein conjugation experience. We provide conjugation services for both research and commercial use and offer a wide selection of labels, including fluorescent dyes, enzymes, proteins, haptens and PEG along with a choice of labeling chemistries. Our team of experts will help you choose the right fluorophore and conjugation chemistry to meet your needs.

Advantages of Working with Columbia Biosciences:

• Average turnaround time is less than 2 weeks. Industry standard is typically 4-6 weeks
• Largest selection of fluorophores, proteins and enzymes
• Capability to work at a small or large scale, from micrograms to grams
• In-house purity testing to > 95% via SEC-HPLC
• A proven track record – 1,000s of successful conjugations performed